Dear Reader:

On behalf of Trivium Test Prep I would like to personally thank you for purchasing one of our test prep guides. Trivium Test Prep. was founded in 2012 after my partners and I realized that the test prep guides on the market today, primarily created by large publishing corporations, lacked the secrets, test-taking tips, and personal touch students gain from a one-on-one tutor. At the same time, many test prep guides overwhelm students with lots of “filler” and “fluff”, making it difficult for students to concentrate on what is truly important to improving their score.

With that in mind, Trivium Test Prep’s mission is to create concise test prep guides that focus only on those concepts that will increase your score, while simulating the experience of a private tutoring session. At 25%-35% of the page count of traditional test prep guides, it is my belief that Trivium Test Prep offers students from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to successfully and efficiently prepare for their exam.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Trivium Test Prep. I appreciate your business.

Best regards,


Justin Green 

President, Trivium Test Prep